Research IT Solutions

The EnhanceR members have experience from hundreds of research IT projects. On request, EnhanceR assesses your research IT 
needs and provides an offer from its member institutions.

eScience Grid Certificates

Together with its member University of Bern EnhanceR provides the Swiss National Authority for eScience Grid Certificates.

You can obtain Grid host and User certificates here. offers research data management adhering to FAIR principles as a service to the scientific community, based on the powerful openBIS platform. The service is available as a cloud-based version, hosted on a trusted cloud infrastructure with all data securely stored in Switzerland. Alternatively, self-hosting using local IT infrastructure at the respective institution can also be agreed.

Open National Training Service

In 2020 EnhanceR and University of Bern are with support of swissuniversities establishing a Swiss wide catalogue of courses and training on digital skills, open access and science.

Swiss Academic Cloud

SWITCHengines provides compute and storage services in the form of virtual machines to researchers, lecturers and IT-services of Swiss universities and related institutions.

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