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EnhanceR Seminar Series

We are organizing a bi-monthly seminar series with the aim to foster the exchange within the network and broaden the network to additional national (and possibly international) Research IT units in the future.


The seminar series addresses diverse topics in Research IT including (but not limited to) High Performance Computing, Software Development, Scientific Computing & Data Co-Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Data Science & Machine Learning, Research Data Management, Sensitive Research Data or Consulting & Training. The talks focus on how such service areas can support scientists in their research.

Updates / Newsletter


We will announce all seminar series presentations on this homepage and via our newsletter. If you would like to receive announcements of upcoming iterations of the seminar series by mail, please subscribe here:


The seminar series will be held online on Zoom and the Zoom-link will be announced via the newsletter.


The seminar series is organized by Franziska Oschmann from Scientific IT Services, ETH Zurich (EnhanceR association member).

Questions and comments should be sent directly to her:

We welcome suggestions of topics/speakers! Please submit them through this form: 



November 29
Swiss/ETHZ Research IT Platforms
Sergio Mafioletti
Scientific IT Service, ETHZ
January, TBA
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