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EnhanceR Project has ended in 2019 and you are browsing an archived version of its pages.


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Our mission:  Enhance research through IT expertise.
Develop a federated and cooperative eScience and Research IT support community in Switzerland to provide support, transfer knowledge and build skills and capacities in the Swiss research academic sector.
Our scope: Support Research IT across all disciplines.
Through EnhanceR, research organisations can receive support from leading experts in their fields through a simple organisational interface. By contacting EnhanceR, they can engage with a consultant who helps to elucidate their issue and come up with a plan to solve it. This is then used as a basis to create and deliver a 'package' of support services, or alternatively to assist researchers in accessing existing national-scale services.
EnhanceR is the follow-up to the successful eSCT project, which assisted a wide number of researchers across Switzerland through the delivery of over 40 support projects. These ranged from the development of a scalable analysis pipeline for neuroscience, to the benchmarking of bioinformatics tools, to the creation of a resource-sharing platform across institutes that now has over 4,000 users.
EnhanceR is part of the program 'Scientific information: Access, processing and safeguarding' run by swissuniversities. It federates specialist groups at eight institutions across the country to work together to provide support, transfer knowledge and build skills and capacities in the sector. 


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