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EnhanceR is a nationally and internationally recognized network for Swiss research IT expertise. It is an association according to Swiss law.

The association's goal is facilitating research excellence in Switzerland to ensure it maintains its leadership position. It achieves this goal by federating Research IT specialist groups at various academic institutions across Switzerland. It creates value by allocating its expertise where and when it is most needed, the interests of the community of users and support teams of scientific computing applications nationally and internationally.

EnhanceR builds on the foundation of the Swiss National Grid Association (SwiNG) and continues the national and international roles and mandates of the former association. It is the legal entity sustaining the outcomes of the completed swissuniversities EnhanceR project.

As of 2024, it counts 10 Swiss higher education, infrastructure and research institutions as members. Membership is open according to its articles.

EnhanceR is supported by swissuniversities.

EnhanceR project

EnhanceR was a swissuniversities-mandated Research IT cooperation project that has ended in 2019.

EnhanceR project final content report summary, PDF (DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4479517)

If you're looking for the old EnhanceR website, you can access the project archives.

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