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EnhanceR is a national initiative to provide specialised Research IT support to the Swiss research academic sector. It achieves this goal by federating Research IT specialist groups at various academic institutions across Switzerland.


By doing this, it builds bridges between scientists from across all disciplines and the increasingly complex modern e-infrastructures. EnhanceR has core expertise in the fields of efficient computing,

big-data analytics, and large-scale data management.

Research Services

Through EnhanceR, researchers can access a number of services to support their research.

Training Courses

EnhanceR offers training courses taking advantage of the range of expertise of the project partners.

Request Support

Whether you already have a clear support need, or would like to find out more information.

About Us

A collaboration of eight specialist groups at institutions across the country providing support.

EnhanceR Project has ended in 2019 and you are browsing an archived version of its pages.


Navigation may not work as expected. Access the archive through the central page.


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If you are preparing your next funding proposal, we can help you specify your Research IT needs and can assist you with:
  • Support preparing Research IT budgets
  • Data management consultancy
  • Technical assessment of Research IT needs
  • Technical assessment of infrastructure needs


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